We read content the same way the human brain does to match ads to relevant online content at page level


Why ADmantX is Different

Online ads are engaging fewer consumers and ad misplacements often put brand safety at risk.

We offer a solution that supports smarter brand planning and targeting. Powered by patented semantic Natural Language Processing technology, we delve into the hidden context of content to automatically extract its meaning and produce smart data that makes intelligent advertising possible.

Using over 20 years of expertise in advanced data science based on Artificial Intelligence and our unique semantic network, we read content the same way the human brain does to identify the correct meaning of words. For example, ‘apple’ could be a piece of fruit or it could be a technology company or a name. By extracting accurate data, ad placements and content can be perfectly matched, this supports brand protection and allows creation of advanced customer profiles.

With a powerful, reliable and scalable data cloud architecture in the USA, Europe and Asia, we analyze more than 30 billion impressions in multiple languages every day.

Do not accept keyword guesswork in your content analysis, start understanding content like your customers!

We developed our advanced statistical artificial intelligence layer on top of our advanced semantic engine to create three additional engines:

  • Interest Engine
  • Propensity Modeling Engine
  • Recommendation Engine

Special projects on data enrichment and advanced customer interaction modeling are a key part of our offer to customers.

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Which apple are you looking for?


Taking the guesswork out of your online ads!

+ 600% improvement in CPA
+ 200% CTR

Case Study
ADmantX semantic data was used by a software security and network protection company to improve its business ad campaigns.
Targeting CIOs and CTOs interested in security, innovation, and business software, the campaign was so successful that budgets were shifted from other Demand Side Platforms and targeting partners to facilitate progress.

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+20% increase in CPM
+120% increase in CTR

Case Study
A premium online publisher worked with ADmantX to generate a greater return on its inventory.
With real-time segmentation, the publisher was able to enhance the price of its existing inventory, manage special customer projects, and make the most of under-utilized content such as blogs and user-generated content.

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A better understanding of social media interaction allowed the creation of a new advanced inside offer

Case Study
We have been supporting a leading social media listening firm to build its solution by understanding consumers’ social interactions at web-scale (more than 10Bio social “messages” a day). By leveraging ADmantX smart data, the company was able to offer its clients the most comprehensive audience-centric analytics (audience insights, brand/product measuring and tracking, campaigns analysis).

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