The most advanced data modeling and semantic cognitive artificial intelligence for media buyers, media sellers, brands and technology providers


As a leading smart data provider for brand planning and targeting through our advanced Semantic Cognitive Technology and our AI propensity profiling solution, we partner with media buyers, media sellers and technology providers to select and understand page level customer interaction.

By extracting precise, contextual data in real time, ad placements and content can be perfectly matched, protecting brand reputation.

Advanced interest behavioral signals are the foundation for advanced customer interaction modeling and recommendation.

Scalable, multilingual, accurate and customizable—our solutions make intelligent advertising possible in a cross-device communication environment.


Media Buyers


Media Sellers


Technology Providers

19% better CTR
13% better conversions in a critical holiday period

A media group that connects premium brands with a multi-channel digital distribution platform used ADmantX’s first party advanced profiling to optimise real-time efficiency during campaigns. This created 12% more ad variations that changed messages as campaigns were running, ensuring that the right message reached the right customer profile.

+20% increase in CPM
+120% increase in CTR

A premium online publisher worked with ADmantX to generate a greater return on its inventory. With real-time segmentation, the publisher was able to enhance the price of its existing inventory, manage special customer projects, and make the most of under-utilised content such as blogs and user-generated content.

Guaranteed brand safety
without the need to pause campaigns

An airline company used customised brand protection for its advertising campaigns on large news publisher sites to steer clear of creating associations with negative content.
This included content concerning airline accidents, related disasters, and specific negative events with the potential to damage the brand.

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