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ADmantX produces smart data that facilitates better brand planning and targeting. Our advanced semantic cognitive technology analyses content in the same way the human brain does, picking up on the subtle changes of context, emotions and sentiment that other mechanisms miss.

Using this in-depth insight, ads can be matched to the most relevant content and appropriate context, increasing audience engagement in a 100% brand-safe environment. Additionally, we examine the ‘real’ interests of consumers based on the media they’re consuming online and apply machine learning and AI to predict their click and buy propensity to our customers.

Our recommendation solution offers final revenue generation support for e-commerce brands.

+ 90% in CTR

Using emotional and sentiment targeting, an airline expanded its reach beyond the travel industry and was able to tap into the reader’s sense of relaxation and comfort during a flight by increasing its presence within content that evoked those feelings.

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The major holding group signed a 24 OpCo contract after the success of the trial.

ADmantX technology was put to the test by a media agency to measure its abilities against a keyword engine for a travel campaign. The trial resulted in improved reach and a 100% increase in CT, significantly reducing overall costs.

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