September 12, 2013
How to Benefit from Brand Safety and Contextual Targeting

How to Benefit from Brand Safety and Contextual Targeting

Adform – ADmantX Webinar. Tuesday, October 1 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM CEST

ADmantX is the first semantic contextual data provider integrated in Adform’s Demand Side Platform: through Adform and ADmantX partnership, Adform is now able to offer semantic data to improve campaign success, safety and efficiency.

Semantic targeting is increasingly on the rise. Marketers and advertisers are looking for better ways to succeed via programmatic buying; ADmantX semantic technology improves the current method of keywords contextual targeting that have been ineffective, demonstrating to be vain in understanding the real meaning of the words. To select the most appropriate ad to be displayed, ADmantX analyzes the overall context and identifies the correct meaning of page content, including detection of all the elements for advanced Brand Safety, advanced categorization and, unique in the market, mood and emotions that can be evoked in readers.

Sign up for a webinar session (Tuesday, October 1 2013) where Adform and ADmantX will explain how you can benefit from the technology partnership and start better increasing your online ad campaigns segmentation and brand safety by leveraging ADmantX unprecedented level of page content analysis.