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Discover What Interests Your Audience

Make more of your first-party data by understanding what interests your audience, exactly how they consume content and what is their propensity to interact with your message and offer. ADmantX technology enables you to create detailed and actionable profiles of your existing and future customers. Using semantic analysis and behavioural analytics we uncover the valuable insights hidden in your data.

Thanks to the ADmantX’s semantic advanced cognitive technology and unique machine learning system, Brands and Agencies will be able to uniquely optimize their ad campaign by identifying and targeting the most “propense to buy” customers, through their proprietary data exploitation. We offer multiple profiles modeling: interest profiles, propensity to buy, propensity to click.

Our Smart Data Approach

ADmantX provides advertisers and marketers with the most innovative technology to discover unique profiles by enriching their customers’ first party data. By gaining deeper audience understanding, the adv message will benefit of great optimization.

Our advanced predictive platform uses statistical, machine learning and artificial intelligence tools to predict user behavior and generates astonishingly accurate and effective profiles.

We help publishers use their unique first-party data to create customer profiles that can help better monetize their inventory.

Knowing customers and creating highly productive Smart profiles enriched with deep knowledge of customers is an indispensable asset for enriching the value of publisher inventory and for enhancing both sell and buy side advertising performance.

With our Smart Profile Remarketing solution, advertisers can take advantage of an advanced turn key solution that allows you to directly collect the profiles of the users who are most likely to engage with a specific campaign and make those available within their DSP.

Our cloud architecture transacts more than 30 billion impressions daily that combines browsing history with a customer’s entire data set, selecting about 15 million new profiles a day.

Thanks to our reliable and flexible cloud architecture, we are fully scalable and able to quickly adapt our infrastructure to volume spikes at an international level.

By adopting of our profiling technologies, our customers benefit from significant performance improvements, achieving up to 200% CTR increase together with an eCPA reduction of 20%!

Our API makes integration seamless and easy, all in a matter of minutes.

Short turnaround for custom profile definition and implementation of profiles based on interest and propensity to click and buy.

Our smart technologies help unlock the intrinsic value of customer profiles.

Adopt a more focused approach by using precision targeting to reach your desired audience and use your first party data like never before!

We provide proactive, immediate support to meet our customers’ customization and implementation needs. As a customer, you will work closely with our linguistic team to create and publish your customized segment in no time.

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Discover the Smart Profile Remarketing solution to immediatly profile your next best clicker – by analyzing your first party campaign data – to develop stronger and more effective online ad campaigns, while increasing your users’ engagement!

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200% better CTR and Double conversion

ADmantX consumer interest profiles were used by a large broadcasting company to enhance the performance of its ad campaigns on a major Demand Side Platform. By running multiple variations of ads and targeted messages, the approach increased the appeal for 30 million different customer profiles across an array of channels including news, movies, and cooking.

Media Buyers

+ 20% increase in ECPM value

A publisher of business news, used high-level ADmantX data to analyse each individual customer ID using their last 50 URL sessions. The analysis produced intricate semantic information that enabled the company to better segment its audience and optimise monetisation of its global financial and news-based content by 10%.

Media Sellers