March 19, 2012
Digital Moneyball!

Digital Moneyball!

ADmantX to Present at OMMA Global San Francisco, March 19-20 2011, Marriot Marquis

Moneyball is the name of the marketing game now … how to leverage digital’s unique skill suite – analytics, targeting, accountability, depth, social, mobile, search, video – to play in the big marketing leagues.
At OMMA Global-San Francisco 2012 we’ll play the inside game and surface the tactics and strategies that produce results, not just awards.
OMMA Global San Francisco
Attribution modeling in display advertising is all the buzz, and defining the path from click to conversion is at the forefront of most marketers minds. That being said, no one has figured out the industry acceptable standards for defining this kind of measurement and analysis. This session will attempt to unlock the secrets of attribution modeling in display advertising and discuss the pros, cons and pitfalls of the existing methodologies, as well as provide some guidance for audience members who are looking to uncover the true effectiveness of their display campaigns.
Omma Global
OMMA Global is the two-day intensive tour de force of all our separate conferences rolled into one. It is for those advertisers, agency executives, brand managers, marketing managers, media planners, buyers, creative directors, sellers and marketing services suppliers who aim to be leaders of the interactive marketing revolution.
ADmantX is a cookie-less solution that uses superior semantic technology to allow publishers, ad networks, ad exchanges, brand managers and agencies to develop more effective online advertising campaigns. There are no privacy concerns: real-time monitoring and the use of sentiment analysis maximizes readers’ receptiveness to advertising content and minimizes placement near off-brand content. As a result, ads are more relevant, more accurately placed and brands are protected.