Actionable knowledge to improve your strategy


Content Selection that Improves Performance and Results

The Reporting & Planning service helps you identify smart data to drive the success of each and every campaign. A detailed comprehension of content can be used to model future optimization efforts.

The ADmantX content insight planning tool performs a simple yet crucial function: It helps our Demand Side Platform (DSP) customers create stronger ad campaigns.

With the understanding that comes from in-depth analysis, media buyers can plan, set up and track campaigns. Collecting real-time data along the way can optimise efforts to consistently improve performance and results.

Our Smart Data Approach

Generate a detailed overview of trends including impressions, clicks, categories, entities, brand safety segments, and vertical, seasonal, and custom categories.

Our cloud architecture transacts more than 30 billion impressions each day and responds in less than 5 milliseconds in all the major DSPs.

Sends detailed reports to the ad server in multiple languages, with 10 times more page content information than average analytics tools.

Removes complication with easy integration; a simple API does it in a matter of minutes.

Maximize budgets with no fixed costs, charging as you go for each URL.

Communicates globally with availability in 29 languages: all European languages, as well as Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

We provide proactive, immediate support to meet our customers’ customization and implementation needs. As a customer, you will work closely with our linguistic team to create and publish your customized segment in no time.

For questions or more information, reach out to us at: info@admantx.com