June 7, 2012
Can Brand Advertisers Use “Big Data” AND Stay Creative?

Can Brand Advertisers Use “Big Data” AND Stay Creative?

Free Webinar: Thursday, June 7 2012, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST

Reaching your target audience online is more difficult than ever before. The main issue limiting the display market is the disconnect between advertisement placement and the relevance of the content. This is due to the reliance on keyword frequency without considering the meaning of content and the feelings and emotions expressed in content that could be transmitted to readers. Ads may appear on pages that have little significance to the assigned page or may produce counterproductive effects and traditional ad targeting continue to fall short, then.
ADmantX Audience Targeting
Emotion, motivation and behavior are the means to human connection – what connects them to each other, concepts and actions.  These can be found in content without cookies or other privacy invasion means.  And these analytical components of ad targeting are the key for brand advertisers to stay creative.
Semantic advertising is bringing creativity back to advertising with the introduction of semantic targeting that incorporates emotions, motivations, behaviors and buying intentions.
You will learn more about;
–    the evolution of online advertising, contextual advertising and the role of semantic technology in online ads placement.
–    the benefits of semantic targeting.
–    what information you can extract and use for optimizing ads.
–    the use of sentiment analysis.
Thursday, June 7, 2012 12:00 PM EST

ADmantX is a cookie-less solution that uses superior semantic technology to allow publishers, ad networks, ad exchanges, brand managers and agencies to develop more effective online advertising campaigns. There are no privacy concerns: real-time monitoring and the use of sentiment analysis maximizes readers’ receptiveness to advertising content and minimizes placement near off-brand content. As a result, ads are more relevant, more accurately placed and brands are protected.