July 12, 2019
Wimbledon 2019: Right Context for Fashion and Luxury Brands Ad Campaigns

Wimbledon 2019: Right Context for Fashion and Luxury Brands Ad Campaigns

By Lisa Nanu, Head of Marketing & PR.

Wimbledon 2019 has been another exciting two weeks of tennis. There have been surprises, upsets and some great matches in between.

In the lead up to the tournament we trawled hundreds of thousand webpages across the globe that were talking about Wimbledon from a leading programmatic platform and then used, for the analysis, our proprietary NLP technology to understand all the linguistic nuances associated at the famous event.

Obviously, Wimbledon is associated at 100% with ‘Tennis” and ‘Sport events’, but surprisingly more than 15% of articles discussing Wimbledon were also associated to categories such as ‘pop culture’, ‘style and fashion’, ‘women’s fashion’, ‘women’s clothing’ and ‘celebrity style’.  This is likely because lots of celebrities attend the tournament every year and many articles featured the Royals who regularly attend.

Moreover, look at the extra predominant sentiment and emotions and what were the most mentioned people, places and organizations in such articles!

Over 56% of the articles we analysed had a positive sentiment whilst , also more important looking at the emotional analysis, over a third of the analysed articles (36%) talked about “success”, a very positive emotion, with other positive emotions like “hope” , “happiness” , “excitement”, well represented.

Our analysis proves that Wimbledon URLs are a very safe environment for advertisers, with only 17% of them having a negative sentiment.

As a result, it’s evident that, with the right contextual technology, not only sport brands should advertise for coverage in this period on Wimbledon, but also fashion and luxury brands must utilise the tournament for ad campaigns.

ADmantX has created a special Wimbledon segment, with brand safety included, to get the maximum effectiveness for your adv campaign.

Due to our granular categorization advertisers can combine Wimbledon with any topic they need to customize their message. On top of categorization, advertisers can also leverage our emotions -> success and sentiment -> positive sentiment to make sure ads are shown in the right emotional context.

We have more than 100 Seasonal and Event focused contextual segments available.

To create your customized seasonal or event segment or get more information, just contact us at info@admantx.com