February 11, 2019
Do you know what are the trends for Valentine’s Day 2019?

Do you know what are the trends for Valentine’s Day 2019?

By Lisa Nanu, Head of Marketing & PR.

Love can conquer everything, but the setting must be the right one as well as everything around you – the right gift given at the right time for a perfect emotional involvement.

Do you know what are consumers’ preferences on Valentine’s Day 2019?

ADmantX semantic technology is  able to analyze context on a page level so we analysed online content to find out what are the key trends for Valentine’s Day. Obviously the most cited emotions from online content are love, love and love… So only positive sentiment… and this is obvious of course. However, what are other interesting insights for the most curious minds?

The extracted information for this 2019 Valentine’s Day are:

  • The best places to go to celebrate Valentine’s Day: restaurant, hotel or a park
  • The most popular menu to choose from: oysters, a spicy menu or pizza
  • The most popular gift is jewellery: a bracelet or watch

The above insights are useful for brands when  planning an advertising campaign and want to reach the right audience next to relevant content with their brand message. Spending for the day of lovers has increased during the past few years significantly and this trend is only increasing in the future.


Here are three tips to ensure campaigns achieve the precision of Cupid’s arrow:

1) Choose the right positioning for your advertising message with a relevant context

2) Emotionally involve the consumer with appropriate message

3)  Make sure your advertising is in a brand-safe environment


ADmantX has created a special Valentine’s Day segment, with brand safety included, to get the maximum effectiveness for your adv campaign.

Due to our granular categorization advertisers can combine Valentine’s Day with any topic they need to customize their message.

On top of categorization, advertisers can also leverage our emotions -> love and sentiment -> positive sentiment to make sure ads are shown in the right emotional context.


To create your customized Valentine’s day segment or get more information, just contact us at info@admantx.con