June 28, 2018
Key elements for an effective brand safety strategy

Key elements for an effective brand safety strategy

Lisa Nanu, Head of Marketing & PR.

There are three main issues facing the advertising industry – fraud, viewability and brand safety. Recent scandals have brought brand safety to the forefront of marketers’ attention and will have the biggest impact on a company’s reputation if not managed effectively.


There are a number of challenges companies face when looking to protect brand safety, including the lack of a universal definition of what it actually is and debate over whether publishers or buyers are responsible for ad placements are safe. In addition, a continuous trade-off between the delivery of impactful campaigns and a focus on safety is resulting in marketers making quick choices over which solution to use, leaving many companies still at risk.


To tackle these issues and provide clarity around how to solve them, ADmantX has created its The Approach to real brand safety’ guide. In this best practice guide, we discuss the many barriers to achieving brand safety and define the simple yet effective ways to successfully protect your brand’s reputation. We detail the power of semantic technology, which has the ability to read webpages as a human would, ensuring marketers understand the true meaning of the sites on which they are placing their ads and in turn guaranteeing they are published in safe locations.


Click this link to download our Brand Safety White Paper and discover:

  • The key elements of an effective brand safety strategy so you can be confident your marketing campaigns will not damage your company reputation through misplacements;
  • The differences in levels of brand safety and how many companies could still be at risk despite employing a brand safety strategy;
  • The power of technology, which solutions you should embrace and which you should avoid;
  • The impact of false positives and the need to address these with your brand safety solutions;
  • The power on semantic technology and natural language processing to ensure brand safety no matter what the brand you work for.