October 30, 2018
GDPR: an opportunity to increase audience trust in online advertising

GDPR: an opportunity to increase audience trust in online advertising

by Mirco Planta, Data Protection Officer.

Since the GDPR officially came into force on May 25th 2018, in a bid to unify the laws around the use of consumers’ personal data across the EU, it has been a top priority for vendors, agencies, and brand advertisers alike to make sure they are compliant.


At ADmantX, we have always dedicated our resources to develop our industry-leading semantic technology, allowing us to analyse contextual data when identifying the most valuable and appropriate placements for our clients’ ads. Not only does this allow our technology to read and understand the content of a page as a human would to ensure placements are beneficial to our customers, but contextual data is also, by default, compliant with the GDPR.  


As a fast-growing company, we believe in continuing our success while prioritising consumer privacy and fair data usage. And while the concept of contextual targeting is not new, we expect its importance for ensuring ad campaigns remain successful in the post-GDPR era is only set to grow.


In response to this, and to further support our clients’ needs, we launched our new hyper-granular contextual taxonomy in June this year. With more than 1,200 categories now included in our offering to help identify the type of content a website delivers, we empower even greater precision and flexibility for both brand safety and targeting purposes.


While we have been compliant with the new regulations since 2017, we have taken multiple steps to ensure future GDPR compliancy. We pride ourselves in being able to support our customers as much as possible, meaning we are dedicated to continually reviewing and updating our processes to ensure we remain so.

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