July 21, 2017
Why brand safety cannot take a back seat to revenue safety

Why brand safety cannot take a back seat to revenue safety

With brand safety failures dominating headlines since last year, the importance of protecting brands from unsafe content online cannot be understated.

Last October, ADmantX’s Nick Welch, business development director in the UK, told ExchangeWire that brand safety could not take a back seat to revenue safety. Nine months and many high-profile brand safety failures later, Welch sat down with the publication again to emphasize why brands and agencies must insist on truly protective brand safety technologies.

“For too long, brands and their agencies have embraced the efficiencies and scale of programmatic without considering the specific (i.e. page-level) context of their chosen ad placements,” Welch commented. “Given the nature of programmatic, when not implemented in conjunction with contextual analysis – coupled with a complacent attitude to brand safety industry-wide – it was only a matter of time before another high-profile breach occurred.

In contrast to programmatic – which has continually evolved to deal with the mounting pressure for inventory to be monetised more effectively – outdated brand safety tools, such as keyword filters, blacklists, or even archaic whitelists, have proved too primitive to protect against the misplacement of ads and also inhibit scale.”

Without adequate protection in place, brands will continue to run the risk of exposure to unsafe content. “The reality is, the moment a misplaced ad is viewed, a negative association has already been made, and the brand’s reputation is tarnished in an instant, regardless of the circumstances,” Welch said.

The solution is taking appropriate measure as campaigns happen and not post-campaign, and, this has to happen not only at the domain level, but also and especially, at the page level.

This is where technologies that leverage AI and natural language processing (NLP) can help. By reading content as a human does, technologies such as ADmantX understands meaning and context so that users can target away from harmful content before securing ad placements.

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