November 6, 2019
Black Friday: how to reach the right audience in the right context!

Black Friday: how to reach the right audience in the right context!

By Lisa Nanu, Head of Marketing & PR.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner and many companies are or have already planned advertising campaigns to make their latest offers front and centre on the web.


But how can you reach the right audience in the right context?

The first question brand marketers ask, is how can we guarantee maximum protection for our image whilst being able to be present in as much inventory as possible?

The right answer is to implement a personalized strategy for each brand that does not necessarily mean spending much more money but using the available budget more effectively. It is important to rely on advanced technologies that are able to understand (NLU) and analyze (NLP) all the inventory available to position an advertising message in the right context and addressed to the right audience.

All this is possible thanks to semantic technology that is able to analyze the context (content + emotions) at the page level to then identify where that particular message and brand should be present.

Indeed, results coming from semantic technology are clearly superior compared to the use of a list of keywords that does not understand the context and, therefore, it can very often create false positives / negatives. This could also include:


filtering too much. The ad is published in a limited amount of inventory that leads to a low reach for that advertising message. For example, a keyword can have a negative meaning (e.g. kill) but put in a positive context, could become a reinforcement of the message, e.g. she killed the look. In this case a technology based on keyword lists automatically eliminates all the URLs that contains the word ‘kill’, unable to evaluate the context and therefore the real meaning of this in terms of content and emotions.


not enough filtering. The ad is published where the keyword appears, which seen alone may seem harmless but inserted in a particular context this keyword can have a negative impact for the image of the brand (think about a diamond jewel advertised in an online magazine dedicated to women, but the page speaks of the great economic difficulties of the latter in the management of the family, or the URL contains the keyword “diamond”).


By using semantic technology, that allows a granular analysis of the context, it is possible to expand the inventory for the publication of an ad. In fact, it is not only the vertical sector of that particular brand that has an interest for any offers or related news, but the real value lies in finding “additional” inventory in other sectors that could include an audience interested in that particular ad. An example is the ad campaign for a watch of a luxury brand that would fall within the “Luxury goods” segment, but which could also be of interest in the “Automotive / Ferrari”, “Food Drinks / Champagne” or “Travel / 5 Star Hotels” segments.


In light of all this and in the run-up to the Black Friday… what is the best solution for an effective and efficient targeting strategy at the same time?

Without a doubt, the best solution is Contextual Targeting – it is GDPR compliant by default and an alternative in a cookie-less world – which thanks to an advanced NLP technology at its core, considers the user’s instant interest and the context at page level, guaranteeing real Brand Safety!


Technology makes the difference!

At ADmantX, experts in semantic intelligence, we are able to build custom segments for brands (Brand Care) and vertical sectors, for any special or seasonal event, thanks to an expert team that, with the utmost accuracy and attention, creates an ad-hoc segment within 24 hours!

Do you want to create a special customized segment (including brand safety) for your Black Friday ad campaign or simply get more information?

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