June 28, 2019
ADmantX @ the Web Marketing Festival with a workshop about Artificial Intelligence and First Party Profiling

ADmantX @ the Web Marketing Festival with a workshop about Artificial Intelligence and First Party Profiling

By Lisa Nanu, Head of Marketing & PR.


On the 22nd of June, in the hot and beautiful Italian city of Rimini, our CEO Giovanni Strocchi spoke about Artificial Intelligence and First Party Profiling at the Web Marketing Festival, the International Digital and Social Innovation Festival.

The Web Marketing Festival (WMF) brings together players from every corner of the world, promoting the exchange of innovative ideas and defining new standards for the industry. This exciting festival included over 70 events and featured a rich programme of more than 500 insightful speakers, from global visionaries to major digital professionals. There was also more than 55 training rooms brimming with ideas and possible solutions to today’s society challenges.

The 2019′ s themes included: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Innovation in Aerospace, Social Impact and Digital Strategy.

Giovanni’s workshop focused on first-party data and the digital interaction with customers.  With the introduction of the GDPR, first party data has become a hot topic for marketers. Consent is a key factor in compliance with the new regulation and the ability to harness their own data sources, rather than relying on third parties who may or may not have consent from the consumer, should be a priority for brands.

First-party data is naturally compliant
 because it comes from sources such as company newsletters and website cookies which ensure peace of mind for brands.

Artificial Intelligence, such as Natural Language Processing (NLP)  Semantic Technology, can deliver an effective advertising strategy with an accurate analysis of first party data at a granular level, in order to highlight those users most likely to interact/convert with a specific communication of a brand and also make sure messages are tailored to meet the needs and expectations of these consumers.

It is clear that first-party data represent a significant competitive advantage for marketers!


To know more about how to make the most of your first party data just email us at info@admantx.com