Keywords are the tip of the iceberg. Deeper analysis allows you to see the true context of a page


Contextualization Data Like Never Before

ADmantX allows you to discover the true meaning of the content on any webpage for smarter, cookie-less targeting. Our Natural Language Processing technology reads content in the same way a human does, detecting the subtle changes in context that can completely change the meaning of words on a page. This enables us to offer you unrivalled accuracy and scale that meets your contextual targeting needs – all without keywords mistakes.

Our dedicated linguistic team can create your precise and customized categories in no-time

Our Smart Data Approach

Includes over 1,200 categories covering content and context that comply with IAB standards. Every topic, entity (people, places, products, organizations) and emotion (an unique feature of our technology) is available for your contextual page selection.

Create unlimited Personalised segments that precisely target content by using categories, entities, concepts, emotions, sentiment analysis and buyer intentions.

Our cloud architecture transacts more than 30 billion impressions daily.

Thanks to our reliable and flexible cloud architecture, we are fully scalable and able to quickly adapt our infrastructure to volume spikes at an international level.

Sends detailed reports to the ad server in multiple languages, with 10 times more page content information than average analytics tools.

Our API makes integration seamless and easy, all in a matter of minutes.

Maximize budgets with no fixed costs, charging as you go for each URL.

Communicate globally with availability in 29 languages: all European languages, as well as Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

We provide proactive, immediate support to meet our customers’ customization and implementation needs. As a customer, you will work closely with our linguistic team to create and publish your customized segment in no time.

For questions or more information, reach out to us at: info@admantx.com

Vertical Categories

Our team of linguists has built the richest set of ready-to-use contextual semantic categories, organized by industry vertical sector seasonal event categories.

All of our vertical categories include brand protection as standard, which means that they not only target the most relevant content for you, but also steer clear of content that carries negative associations for your brand or industry.

Are you looking for better ways to succeed via programmatic buying? For your special needs, contact us today to find out what we can do for your business.



From 32K… to 1.4M daily impressions
From 0,02 CTR… to 0,09 CTR

ADmantX was chosen by a teen magazine to restructure its low-performing summer campaign targeting teenage girls in specific locations. Covering a range of topics, such as fashion, music, and celebrity gossip, aimed towards a young audience meant that it was essential to keep brands away from negative associations such as alcohol, tobacco, and salacious content.

Media Buyers

+85% increase in CTR

ADmantX used its semantic data to help a tour operator improve the impact of its seasonal ad campaigns targeting travel and exotic vacations. The approach used over 100 special semantic segments to reach the ideal audience, searching for content that contained particular attributes such as specific places, emotion, and interests.

Media Buyers