September 26, 2011
ADmantX to Present at OMMA Global New York 2011

ADmantX to Present at OMMA Global New York 2011

New York, September 26-27 2011, New York Marriot Marquis

J.B. Aker, ADmantX CMO, will join the OMMA Display* panel discussion “The Internet On A Diet: How Do We Live Without Cookies?”




The discussions are heating up on Capitol Hill around consumer internet privacy, and the biggest impact on our business will be if coookies are regulated or abolished. Some say the Internet advertising business will falter, while some say it won’t. What happens to the business if there are no cookies? How will advertisers and marketers respond? What will the impact be on the performance of display advertising? Listen to our panel talk about the potential implications of the internet consumer privacy bills being discussed, hear how you can get involved in the discussion, and hear how you can plan for the eventual outcome either way.


*OMMA Display is a complete show within OMMA Global devoted to up-to-the-minute news and information and state-of-the-art tools and techniques for those involved in the display advertising practices of the Online Industry.