October 23, 2011
ADmantX to Present at Digital Publishing Summit

ADmantX to Present at Digital Publishing Summit

October 23-26 2011, Hyatt Regency Coconut Point, Bonita Springs, FL
For the past few years, the power in digital media has shifted from publishers to technology platforms and distribution channels. While the digital media pie has undoubtedly grown, content creators have continuously seen new technologies promising advertisers both increased efficiency and an ability to mine audiences. There’s been some feeling that publishers have been outgunned technologically compared to the buy side. As a result, the analog-dollars-to-digital-pennies problem has persisted.
At the Digital Publishing Summit, leading digital publishers gather to discuss the current publishing environment and lay out their playbook to re-empower publishers and restore content, the once and future king, back on its throne.
ADmantX has been asked to facilitate a round table discussion among publishers on the use of data and targeting approaches, technology and benefits. Recognized as a leading analytical data provider, ADmantX is uniquely qualified to guide publishers as they share their experiences in the use of analytical data to improve the efficacy and optimization of ad to content matching. Central to the economic health and future business prospects for publishers this roundtable will prove to be a central take away of the summit.