November 3, 2016
ADmantX sponsors the Brand Safety Summit 2016 in New York

ADmantX sponsors the Brand Safety Summit 2016 in New York

ADmantX is excited to  sponsor the Brand Safety Summit 2016, held at  the Asia Society & Museum in New York City (USA) on November 17th.brand-safety-summit-2016_nyc

Brand Safety, including viewability, transparency, ad blocking and fraud, has emerged as the most important issue media buyers are facing in today’s increasingly complex ad technology landscape. The 614 Group’s Brand Safety Summit is the premier event that gathers the industry’s senior-most decision makers to specifically address the challenges that media and marketing executives face as they create brand safe experiences.

Advanced Content Brand Safety is a core topic for ADmantX. Its Natural Language Processing technology is the only true advanced brand safety measure, that, through  its reading of the content at URL level, can be customised to a specific product, industry, and brand values. Rather than relying on after-the-fact campaign analysis or not reliable keywords, customers can use ADmantX’s intelligent brand safety service to identify questionable webpage content with the potential to damage their brand reputation before ads are placed.

ADmantX, thanks to its unique feature to read content the same way the human brain does – identifying with no mistakes topics, entities (people, places, things) and moreover  feelings and emotions in content,through its proprietary semantic advanced technology – allows advertisers to target the most relevant content for their campaigns, helping them to deliver highly targeted and effective ad campaigns.

To learn more about the Brand Safety Summit, please visit the event website: