June 8, 2016
ADmantX sponsors the AppNexus Summit Europe 2016

ADmantX sponsors the AppNexus Summit Europe 2016

ADmantX, again this year,  sponsors the AppNexus Summit Europe 2016, held at King’s Place in London (UK).  A series of events will explore the tech innovation, marketing change, and publisher transformation shaping the programmable age. In particular, today June 8th , ADmantX is sponsoring the event titled “AppNexus Programmable Marketing Forum”.  A new era of “programmable marketing” is just behind the door: informed by algorithmic super-intelligence and governed by real-time, personalized consumer engagement for the best digital experience.

The 2016 AppNexus Summit Europe will feature best practices from industry leaders and exciting product innovations. ADmantX Advanced Contextual Targeting, Intelligent Brand Safety and Emotional and Sentiment targeting features are available to AppNexus platform users, through also an AppNexus App.

Directly from the AppNexus Console, AppNexus customers can leverage the accuracy of ADmantX advanced semantic technology capabilities to create and customize data segments in a brand-safe environment to increase campaigns performance.

ADmantX, thanks to its unique feature to read content the same way the human brain does, identifying feelings and emotions in content – through the most advanced technology – allows advertisers to target the most relevant content for their campaigns, whilst protecting the brand  from damaging content, keeping brand reputation safe.

For more details about the AppNexus Summit Europe 2016, visit http://events.appnexus.com/