February 3, 2014
ADmantX on Brand Protection and Contextual Targeting

ADmantX on Brand Protection and Contextual Targeting

Turn Blog – Partner Spotlight – J. Brooke Aker, ADmantX CMO

Advertisers are looking for a more effective way to target their audiences online in the most brand-safe environment. By leveraging the power of semantic technology, ADmantX offers superior brand protection and more accurate contextual analysis.

Our technology reads and understands online content categorically, emotionally, and by entities (e.g. people, places, and things) for buyer intention, ad safety, and custom matching criteria. The granularity of the taxonomy, together with advanced brand safety attributes and the unique ability to identify sentiment expressed on a page, can generate greater value for advertising campaigns.

To establish context and test the effectiveness of ad messages in real time, Turn customers can access ADmantX semantic data within the Turn platform. Our integration supports multiple languages (8 European languages + 10 more on as needed basis.)

Rather than relying on after-the-fact campaign analysis, our technology ensures brands have maximum protection during each campaign by executing real-time contextual and safety attribute customization. To improve engagement, ADmantX merges together semantic data to crack the emotional code of content and creates new matching algorithms that are specifically designed for the campaign. As a result, ADmantX channels of semantic data increase ad engagement by 40% and click value by 200%.

From Turn Blog, http://www.turn.com/news/partner-spotlight-admantx-brand-protection-and-contextual-targeting