November 20, 2014
ADmantX Launches the NEW “Vertical Categories”

ADmantX Launches the NEW “Vertical Categories”

The Richest Set of Categories designed for Vertical Sectors Optimizing Advertising Operations in Programmatic and RTB: Within a matter of seconds, agencies and brand
marketers can start their campaigns by simply clicking on ADmantX’ vertical categories, organized by industry verticals, for the easiest and safest contextual targeting.

ADmantX, the next-generation contextual analysis and semantic data provider, announced today the launch of “ADmantX Vertical Categories”, the richest set of ready-to-use contextual semantic categories, organized by industry vertical. Each category includes all of the key topics, concepts (so more than basic keywords) and entities (such as places, people, things), together with the most advanced page-level brand safety, sentiment and emotions safeguard designed specifically for each vertical.

Advertisers can immediately find and programmatically select the categories they want to advertise along to the most relevant industry verticals. From Pharma to Food & Beverage, from Personal Care to Games and Toys, from Automotive to Consumer Electronics… ADmantX Vertical Categories leverage ADmantX’ patented multilingual semantic technology to ensure DSPs users properly target and set their ads alongside the best, most relevant and safest content.

“We’re excited to bring our expertise and superior semantic capabilities to our DSPs partners, helping contribute to further adoption towards more brand investments to programmatic”, said Giovanni Strocchi, ADmantX CEO. “The ability to quickly find and select our highly targeted vertical categories provides advertisers with all the ease and insight they need to be successful in executing their buying transactions, while leveraging all the advantages that only semantics can ensure, by improving ad reach and lift in a true brand safe environment.”

ADmantX is a contextual analysis and data provider that brings audience targeting to a new level. Thanks to its patented semantic advertising technology, the company offers a cookie-less solution that allows publishers, ad networks and exchanges, brand managers and agencies to develop more effective online ad campaigns leveraging semantic understanding, natural language processing and sentiment analysis. Founded in Italy as a spin-off of the leading semantic company Expert System, ADmantX is active in Europe and US. Worldwide customers include NBCUniversal, Integral Ad Science, Networked Insights, Banzai, Cadreon, Amnet, Sojern, Media IQ. In addition, ADmantX solutions are integrated in key DSP players such as Turn, Adform and AppNexus.

Download ADmantX Vertical Categories brochure to learn more on ADmantX’ semantic categories set designed for vertical sectors.