January 23, 2014
ADmantX Joins the BlueKai Partner Program

ADmantX Joins the BlueKai Partner Program

Partnership leverages the accuracy of semantic technology and natural language processing powered by ADmantX within the BlueKai DMP to provide more precise ad targeting for Marketers and Publishers

ADmantX, the next-generation contextual analysis and semantic data provider, today announced that it has joined the partner program of BlueKai, the leading Data Activation System for both marketers and publishers. ADmantX page-level data improves the performance of online advertising campaigns by maximizing content targeting, safety and segmentation.

BlueKai’s Data Management Platform (DMP) allows publishers, marketers and agencies to create target audiences, accurately target campaigns to these audiences and measure campaign performance across segments and channels to refine media buys and ad creative over time. Thanks to ADmantX’s semantic capabilities, BlueKai’s clients can supplement their data taxonomy directly from the BlueKai DMP to improve consumer engagement, increasing online ad reach and lift while at the same time making sure ad placement is brand safe.

ADmantX analyzes content and returns the richest set of semantic data that forms the basis for accurate targeting. It offers four channels of data including topics (based on an IAB-compliant categorization taxonomy), feelings, intentions and entities (e.g. people, places and things) and a channel of custom built matching algorithms. The correct identification of emotions in content significantly improves the performance of brand advertisements, and is one of the main factors that distinguishes ADmantX semantic targeting from its competitors.

“We are excited to have partnered with a leading technology provider such as BlueKai,” said J. Brooke Aker, ADmantX CMO. ”Publishers, brands and agencies using BlueKai’s DMP can now leverage ADmantX superior semantic capabilities to be sure that their ads are properly targeted and budgets are being used to the fullest extent.”

ADmantX is a contextual analysis and data provider that brings audience targeting to a new level. We offer a semantic, cookie-less solution to allow publishers, ad networks and exchanges, brand managers and agencies to develop more effective online ad campaigns leveraging semantic understanding, natural language processing and sentiment analysis. Founded in Italy as a spin-off of the leading semantic company Expert System, ADmantX is active in Europe and US. Worldwide customers include NBCUniversal, AT&T AdWorks, Integral Ad Science, Banzai, Adconion, Media IQ and we’re integrate in key players such as Turn, AppNexus, Adform.