August 4, 2013
50 Days of AWE: ADmantX

50 Days of AWE: ADmantX

We’re excited about the second year of the Advertising Week Experience (AWE). This is the “must-see” technology that will continue to transform marketing and brands. And it will all be on display each day at The Times Center during Advertising Week X, starting September 23rd.

Our team has scoured the globe for the most “AWEsome” new marketing technology. And we are proud to present 50 Days Of AWE. The technology that makes marketing even better.

Emotion is powerful.

Being a brand and tapping into that emotion is powerful, but hasn’t always been as achievable.

AdmantX uses semantic advertising data to capture the sentiment of content and context so that brands can focus and target their message in even more effective places. The desired emotional match for brands, in addition to being in “safe havens” is now a reality with this technology.

Giovanni Strocchi, CEO of ADmantX, explains the technology, and the practical applications for brands.