We help you define the safest and most relevant context for your brand


True Understanding = True Protection

Through in-depth content analysis, we can prevent ad misplacement and keep your brand safe. Our Natural Language Processing technology is an advanced safety measure that reads content at URL level and can be customised to your specific product, industry, and brand values. Rather than relying on after-the-fact campaign analysis or not reliable keywords, you can use our intelligent brand safety service to identify questionable webpage content with the potential to damage your brand reputation before ads are placed.

Our Smart Data Approach

Preventing misplacement with an array of predefined categories; no accidents, negative feelings, pornography, sexual/impolite content, natural disaster, alcohol and tobacco, crimes or illegal drugs.

Safeguarding your brand with more than black lists and white lists. Accurate, pre-bid, post-bid and customisable protection for premium brands.

Securing campaign safety with context defined by you. Real-time monitoring captures the right sentiment to protect your brand.

Providing cloud architecture that transacts more than 30 billion impressions each day and responds in less than 5 milliseconds in all the major DSPs. All powered by patented semantic Natural Language Processing technology.

Sending detailed reports to the ad server in multiple languages, with 10 times more page content information than average analytics tools.
Removing complication with easy integration, a simple API does it in a matter of hours.

Removing complication with easy integration, a simple API does it in a matter of minutes.

Maximising budgets with no fixed costs, charging as you go for each URL.

Communicating globally with availability in 21 languages: all European languages, as well as Japanese, Mandarin, and Korean.

We provide proactive, immediate support to meet our customers’ personalization and implementation needs. As a customer, you will work closely with our linguistic team to create and publish your personalized segment in a single day.

Vertical Safety Segments

For brands that want complete protection without the need for custom segments, we also offer industry-specific brand protection segments. You can steer clear of the wrong content for your brand and industry with pre-loaded vertical segments, ready and waiting to give you peace of mind.



Promoting specific movies while maintaining a strict level of protection

ADmantX technology was used to protect a provider of web streaming
with analysis tailored to specific entities, keywords, and brand safety attributes. The approach helped the streaming service to raise awareness of particular movies and fiction while keeping negative content at bay.

Media Buyers

+ 20% greater spending and faster renewal with low “filter” level

ADmantX enabled a business news publisher to increase spending from its advertising clients by offering tailored safety categories when they renewed its services. Brands were able to maximise the value of ads appearing alongside worldwide financial and market information, while staying away from negative context by using analysis tailored to their individual needs.

Media Sellers