Understand the mood and feelings contained in a piece of content


Capturing Consumers’ Frame of Mind

Identify the emotions and sentiment in content to increase the effectiveness of your ads. Make your brand values resonate in the most appropriate emotional context. By delving deep into the essence of content, our technology enables you to understand the emotions within every page. Let your brand values resonate in the most appropriate emotional context!

Our Smart Data Approach

95 emotions, intentions, behaviors data selects and custom emotions channels.

Detecting the mood and emotion within content to achieve advanced targeting and secure brand safety. Producing ads that maximise campaign ROI and brand recall.

Providing cloud architecture that transacts more than 30 billion impressions each day and responds in less than 5 milliseconds in all the major DSPs. All powered by patented semantic Natural Language Processing technology.

Sending detailed reports to the ad server in multiple languages, with 10 times more page content information than average analytics tools.

Removing complication with easy integration, a simple API does it in a matter of minutes.

Maximising budgets with no fixed costs, charging as you go for each URL.

Communicating globally with availability in 21 languages: all European languages, as well as Japanese, Mandarin, and Korean.

We provide proactive, immediate support to meet our customers’ personalization and implementation needs. As a customer, you will work closely with our linguistic team to create and publish your personalized segment in a single day.



+ 120% in CTR

To engage consumers in a context that was the most consistent with its brand, a fashion company worked with ADmantX to target its seasonal ad campaigns alongside content that evoked the emotions of success and passion.

Media Buyers

+ 85% in CTR

A seasonal ad campaign from a tour operator used ADmantX’s emotional and sentiment targeting technology to reach consumers experiencing the feeling of curiosity, while simultaneously ensuring the campaign excluded any negative emotions.

Media Buyers