April 7, 2017
Time to get clear: What is fake news?

Time to get clear: What is fake news?

With more and more brands and advertisers calling out companies like Google and Yahoo to step up their efforts against fake news, it’s more important than ever that we get really clear on what “fake news” is.

Our Nick Welch, VP of Sales and Business Development, UK and North EU, ADmantX, commented in the recent 2017 Journalism, Media & Technology Trends & Predictions Report by Reuters.

“Before we can start talking about strategies to eliminate fake news – we first need to understand what exactly it is and how it can impact upon a brand and its respective ad placements. Some consider extreme opinions, hate speech, and political satire as fake news while others consider anything that includes misrepresented facts – the truth is fake news is extremely subjective and a grey area.

A deeper conversation is needed to encourage brands to consider what content they would like ads to be placed next to, but perhaps more importantly, away from – whether this includes political satire, extreme opinion, or negative content relevant to that brand’s product or industry. Firstly, actual content should be effectively classified by reading content and understanding the meaning as a human would, and secondly, the credibility of the content’s source should be vetted – this approach will empower brands to determine if the content is trustworthy and whether it aligns with their messaging. Ad tech providers should be working with advertisers to tackle the issue of ad placements and brand safety holistically.”

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