July 30, 2015
The Big Issue: Brand Safety. The Smart Solution: Intelligent Brand Safety

The Big Issue: Brand Safety. The Smart Solution: Intelligent Brand Safety

FSpaggiari Francesca Spaggiari, Public Relations & Marketing Manager, @fspaggiari

Brand Safety is one of the biggest issues in mobile advertising and we were pleased to discuss it with the staff at Mobile Marketing, a specialist in the delivery of mobile marketing and technology news and research. While you will find the full interview here, we’d like to highlight a few key points that Nick Welch explored during the interview with online editor, Alex Spencer. As Business Development Directoror at ADmantX, Nick is responsible for developing our sales and business strategy in the UK.

Poor Placement Matters
A single misplaced ad can have a major impact because it directly affects consumers. When you see an ad beside inappropriate content, you’ll always remember it and the result can be very damaging for a brand.
The fact that there are many levels and definitions of unsafe brand content makes the problem even more complex.

White and Black Lists Are Not Enough
A ‘white list’ and ‘black list’ mechanism is just a small fraction of the brand safety story. Good and bad sites (for example: NO porn and NO gambling) can be easily managed with these lists. However, this strategy is missing the most important aspect of brand protection – avoiding content that might feature a negative story about a brand or industry, or brand spokespeople, such as celebrities who endorse the brand.

From Brand Safety to Intelligent Brand Safety
As the article points out, what makes an ad inappropriate is the particular combination of subject matter and brand messaging. Here, context matters. Content that is OK for one advertiser may be seen as salacious to another, even for ads placed with legitimate publishers.

To establish whether individual pages include any potentially damaging content, brands need to gain a page-level understanding of online content based on intelligent systems that are able to identify the correct meaning of each word in context. In fact, by failing to delve deeper into the exact meaning of words, the true context of content is missing, leaving brands at risk of inappropriate placements.

Intelligent Protection Means the Best Insurance
Limited brand safety precautions, such as keywords and post-campaign analysis, are not enough to protect brands from serious reputational damage. Brands need more advanced safety measures that can be customised to their specific product, industry and values to ensure proactive protection and optimal placements based on specific needs.

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