July 22, 2015
GroupM (WPP) Partners with Networked Insights: smart agreement… smart data

GroupM (WPP) Partners with Networked Insights: smart agreement… smart data

GiovanniStrocchi Giovanni Strocchi, @gstrocc, CEO ADmantX

Interesting news in MediaPost about the exclusive partnership between the WPP media management arm GroupM and the social analytics firm Networked Insights.

Two element to be highlighted in this news :

  • using consumer social web information to optimize campaigns, media investments and brand health diagnostic is clearly a smart move from WPP : social is a “media” for advertising spending but must be a key driver of insights for the overall communications strategy/optimization of brands
  • an advanced solution on real time social interactions analysis, like the one of Network Insights, could be possible only with smart data to really understand those social interactions.

As ADmantX we have been supporting Networked Insights by providing our smart contextual data to allow a deep understand of consumers and their social interactions at web-scale: we are sure that thanks to this partnership GroupM agencies (such as Mindshare, MEC, MediaCom, Maxus, Xaxis…) will optimize their client campaigns using the best-in-class, real-time consumer data!

Our targeting is powered by an advanced (patented) semantic technology that enables a deep “human like” understanding of any type of text (sometimes also very short like in social interaction messages) , and increases the effectiveness of ads by identifying emotions and audience interests considering content as the real-time influence of a consumer’s mind-set at ad run time.

Only Smart and solid data allow to build smart solutions…

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