March 22, 2017
Brand safety must be a top priority

Brand safety must be a top priority

While fake news poses a valid challenge for advertisers, it’s ensuring brand safety that should be on the top of the list for brands. Pre-bid analysis that assesses essential elements of placement—context, sentiment, relevancy, appropriateness—can protect brands from appearing in inappropriate environments.

ADmantX CEO Giovanni Strocchi recently spoke with MediaPost about the role of pre-bid analysis in helping ensure brand safety:

“You could argue that out of the three main issues the industry is facing—fraud, viewability, and brand safety—that brand safety should be the priority. Consumers won’t care that your ad spend has been wasted on fraudulent ad placements or that your ad didn’t meet the Media Rating Council’s viewability threshold.

However, they will be influenced—either positively or negatively—by the content your brand has selected to appear alongside. Consumers will judge brands for appearing to support dangerous or inappropriate content.

Inventory that’s viewable by humans, and appropriate with regard to placement, should be the gold standard for all advertisers looking to ensure quality in a programmatic environment.”

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