March 7, 2017
ADmantX releases new Brand Safety segment targeting Fake News & Extreme Speech

ADmantX releases new Brand Safety segment targeting Fake News & Extreme Speech

Alessandro Drenaggi, Head of the Linguistic Team


Fake news—misrepresented facts, blatant lies, dubious content—is a marketer’s worst nightmare when it comes to ensuring brand safety. Advertisers who hope to protect clients and profits from inappropriate placement need real tools that can support the speed and volume of programmatic trading.The problem with identifying fake news is that it does a very good job at appearing real.

That’s where we come in.

Our new Fake News & Extreme Speech Brand Safety Segment is a service designed to tackle the unique challenges of fake news by blending real-time semantic analysis with comprehensive and regularly updated verification of fake news sites and extreme speech/hyper-partisan sites.

This brand service category protects brands from being exposed to any extreme, hate, hyper-partisan or fake news sites, and avoids indirect and involuntary support of this context.

ADmantX uses semantic Natural Language Processing (NLP) analysis to uncover the meaning of content at the page level to filter out inappropriate URLs. This is combined with a blacklist of 1,200+ sites identified as providing fake, biased or discriminating news stories.


Our two-fold approach includes:

  • Real-time identification of any page containing expressions of racism or hatred or sensational language toward other people or political, personal, religious or social beliefs, regardless of whether it comes from a fake or official news domain.
  • Continuously updated blacklists (currently more than 1,200 sites) developed by blending major reputable industry sources and “one to one assessments” by our linguistic and R&D teams. Our teams also regularly conduct independent research triggered by our page analysis to validate other domains for extreme speech and include them in our comprehensive brand service filter.


This allows advertisers and brands to take proactive action against inadvertently endorsing or financing hate speech, racism, hyper-partisan speech or other forms of dangerous content.

ADmantX’s brand safety service against fake news and extreme speech sites is currently available for the USA, UK, Italy and Germany inventories. Inventories for France and Spain will be added soon.

For more information on the ADmantX Fake News & Extreme Speech Brand Safety Segment, contact us.