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If you're wondering how to change the online ad world, you're in the right place

About us

Leading Contextual Advertising Data Provider

We discover meaning in all the world’s information for an optimal advertising experience




It's All Semantics

Leveraging the power of semantic technology to re-establish the credibility of online ads and double return on spend

Semantic Audience Profiling

When Behavioral Targeting is Not Enough

We help you to acquire a more precise gauge of audience interest considering content as the real-time influence of a consumer’s mind-set at ad run time

SpotOn Contextual App

AppNexus App Marketplace™

We allow you to use the richest set of semantic categories and create your own contextual and safety attributes within the AppNexus user interface

Environmental Targeting

Making More Data Available for Ad Buyers

We meld contextual and external data to keep brands safe and improve ad targeting and engagement

Emotional Intelligence

Cracking the Emotional Code of Content

We ensure that the underlying emotional response to online content matches the actions you desire

Vertical Categories

Ready to Use Contextual Semantic Categories

We have developed vertical categories, by indistry sectors, to help you to match your messages to the most appropriate content.

Brand Protection

Leveraging Real-Time Monitoring and Sentiment Analysis

We incorporate semantic intelligence when placing ads online to give you maximum and more personalized brand protection during each campaign

Semantic Targeting

Contextualization Data Like Never Before

We combine semantics and Natural Language Processing to properly target and set your ads alongside the best, most relevant content


Increasing Reach and Lift at the Same Time

We allow you to create highly targeted contextual segments to optimize your online ad campaign’s performance in a brand safe environment

Advertisers and Agencies

Making the Most of Your Ad Campaign

We provide you with all the data you need to reach your target audience

Ad Networks and Exchanges

Increasing the Overall Value of Impressions

We partner with you to optimize your ad bidding


Getting the Most from Your Inventory

We help you leverage your main asset... Content


Maximizing Consumer Receptiveness to Online Ads

We provide Publishers, Ad Networks and Exchanges, Advertisers and Agencies with rich, fast and flexible contextual data that improves advertising reach and lift

Company Data


Semantic Advertising Data

Matching ads with the right consumer in the right Frame of Mind with the right message

/ / Creative, SpotOn Semantic Advertising

Publishers and online advertisers are looking for cookie-free targeting alternatives to monetize Big Data, protect brands and optimize their online ad campaign performance.

A New Era of Audience Targeting

At ADmantX we not only match ads to brand-safe appropriate content, we take it a step further and ensure that the underlying emotional response to content matches the action desired by the advertiser. Semantic technology and dynamic categorization come together to match ads with the right consumers in the right frame of mind with the right message: that’s the new era of online advertising where you can maintain the benefits of targeting without invading consumer privacy.

Download ADmantX Company Profile or request a demo any time to learn more about our products.

/ / ADmantX Cool Vendor

gartner-2013-cool-vendor “Cool Vendors in 2013 are exploiting the Nexus of Forces of cloud computing, social, mobile, and information to challenge long-held assumptions and significant investments in traditional IT. These cool vendors are transforming the way businesses operate and consumers engage with technology.”

ADmantX Strengthens LATAM Presence through Expanded Integration with Turn

ADmantX, the next-generation contextual analysis and semantic data provider, and Turn, the digital hub for marketers, today announced an expanded integration to provide contextual data services for Turn customers on LATAM inventory in Portuguese and Spanish. This expansion will enable brands and agencies to make the most of their online ad investment in South America. […]

ADmantX Launches the NEW “Vertical Categories”

The Richest Set of Categories designed for Vertical Sectors Optimizing Advertising Operations in Programmatic and RTB: Within a matter of seconds, agencies and brand marketers can start their campaigns by simply clicking on ADmantX’ vertical categories, organized by industry verticals, for the easiest and safest contextual targeting. ADmantX, the next-generation contextual analysis and semantic data […]

ADmantX and Zodiak Optimize “Custom Deals”

By applying the semantic intelligence of ADmantX to content analysis, Zodiak improves the creation of “custom deals”, thus ensuring a more effective assessment of its customers’ advertising inventories

ADmantX S.p.A.

Via Nuova Poggioreale, 11
80123 Napoli – Italy – – VAT 02634571208 – Share Capital € 189.991,35 fully paid up

Company subject to the direction and coordination of Expert System S.p.A.

/ / Are You Reaching Your Target Audience?

We leverage Semantic Technology and Natural Language Processing to enable our partners and customers to develop accurate, targeted ad campaigns and to test the effectiveness of each campaign in real-time.



/ / 100% Semantic Targeting

Today, publishers are trying to tackle the biggest challenges of the digital information era. As they look for a cookie-free targeting alternative to avoid consumer privacy issues, monetize their inventory and engage readers at the same time, we have to ask—are they doing everything they can to maximize their revenue streams?

ADmantX semantic contextual targeting, which focuses on the meaning of words, can be a part of the solution with +85-120% increase in CTR, +30% increase in CPM.

/ / Key Benefits

  • Take advantage of the accuracy of semantics to unlock the maximum value from your existing inventory, including your remnant inventory
  • Define a deeper segmentation across your inventory to increase cross-sells and other monetization opportunities
  • Leverage a real-time categorization of content to enhance it with relevant ads without using any cookies
  • Attract high-quality advertising spending, ensuring advertisers a brand-safe environment for their advertising investment
  • Simple API implementation

/ / +85-120% Increase in CTR

With so many display ad impressions wasted and misplaced, it’s not surprising that brands want to avoid repeating the same mistakes and instead, get the most out of their ad dollars. For ad networks, ad exchanges and RTB platforms, that’s why contextual targeting has moved from nice to have to must have.

This is where ADmantX superior contextual semantic analysis comes in. Creating and customizing limitless new target segments unique to each campaign, all while ensuring brand safety,  is a fundamental step in making the economics of digital advertising work for buyer, seller and consumer.

/ / Key Benefits

  • Guarantee that your sellers and buyers stop wasting media spent on NON targeted impressions and start placing premium bids in the inventory and audiences that offer the most value
  • Combine brand safety concerns with semantic targeting criteria to customize limitless new target segments unique to each campaign
  • Capture content changes in real time and target with 900 IAB categories, emotions, buyers intentions, sentiment, different entities
  • Identify feelings and emotions in content to ensure the underlying emotional response to content matches advertisers’ campaign goals
  • Simple integration and no cookies, so no privacy concerns

/ / +40% Ad Engagement

Reaching your target audience online is more difficult than ever before. The main issue limiting the display market is the disconnect between advertisement placement and the relevance of content: ads may be misplaced or produce counterproductive effects and traditional ad targeting continues to fall short.

ADmantX provides brands, advertisers and agencies with all the benefits of semantic technology: it reads content just like you do, determining the quality content that should be associated with your ad. ADmantX can even understand the consumer’s frame of mind based on the content they are consuming. This emotional intelligence is the last piece of the targeting puzzle at the moment of ad placement.

/ / Key Benefits

  • Ensure brands a trusted, transparent, 100% brand-safe environment for their ad investments
  • Efficiently place ads by delivering impressions in the right context to the right consumer targeting audiences with “frame of mind” awareness
  • Bring creativity back to advertising with the introduction of semantic targeting
  • Detect mood and emotions expressed in content that could be transmitted to readers in order to keep them more engaged
  • Maintain all the benefits of targeting, maximizing your campaign ROI without invading consumer privacy

/ / +74% Reach +48% Lift: This is Semantics in Action

To be effective,  online ads must not only be accurately targeted to content but they must be able to protect brands from negative associations and engage consumers.

Thanks to its semantic technology, ADmantX understands the meaning in text, something keyword-based and statistical-based targets cannot do.

Combining superior contextual analysis, brand protection and emotional intelligence, ADmantX improves reach by an average of 74% and improves lift by an average of 48%.

Contact us to find out what we can do for your business.

/ / Key Differentiators

  • Semantics + Natural Language Processing to improve over the more traditional targeting approaches
  • Unlimited semantic data and hyper-targeting segments by using 4 channels of data instead of keywords
  • Creativity & Pre-Testing Support
  • Web Service < = 5 ms
  • Simple API, Cloud Implementation
  • 15 Billion Pages / Day
  • A single unique API call to combine semantic targeting, brand protection and emotional intelligence
  • Multiple languages: all European languages + Japanese

/ / Improving Ad Placement to Boost Content Profitability

Our semantic targeting is powered by an advanced semantic analysis engine combined with a complete semantic network that enables a deep understanding of any type of text.

Analyzing the overall context, ADmantX identifies the correct meaning of words (Jaguar: animal or car? Stock: equities or soup? Apple: fruit, the company or… the Big Apple?) to extract all the semantic data you need to optimize the match between ad and content.

Download ADmantX Semantic Targeting brochure or request a demo to learn how our semantic platform works to empower your business.

/ / Key Features

  • Multiple web pages / single URL level contextual analysis to enable the  most precise ad matching
  • 4 channels of targeting data
  • 900+ topic and emotion standard segments
  • Unlimited number of custom segments
  • Multiple languages: English, Italian, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Japanese (we add more all the time)

/ / Customizing Safety Attributes to Keep Brand Safe

By using semantic “smarts” to better place ads online, you can avoid ad placement on pages with little significance to the assigned page or any placement that may produce counterproductive effects.

You define the perfect context of your campaign and ADmantX captures the right sentiment to protect your brand.

Download ADmantX Brand Protection brochure or contact us to learn how you can take advantage of semantic intelligence to make sure your brands are safe.

/ / Key Features

  • Continuous page monitoring for increased, dynamic visibility of content
  • Rather than relying on after-the-fact campaign analysis, preventive selection of semantic data you don’t want associated with your ad ensures maximum protection during each campaign
  • 8 pre-defined brand protection categories and unlimited customized safety attributes
  • More relevant, accurately placed ads guarantee brand protection and lead to higher brand ROI

/ / Optimizing Campaign Results at Programmatic Scale and Speed

Are you looking for better ways to succeed via programmatic buying? We have developed highly targeted vertical categories, organized by industry sector, to help you to match your messages to the most appropriate and safest content.

Each vertical category includes all the semantic data you need to make sure that your audience will be interested in the message they see: key topics, concepts (… and not only basic keywords), entities such as places, people, things, specific Brand Safety attributes at page-level, and, unique in the market, mood and emotions that can be evoked in readers.

Download ADmantX Vertical Categories brochure to learn more. For your pecial needs contact us today to find out what we can do for your business.

/ / A Better Ad Experience to Monetize Audiences

We’ve found a new way to increase the effectiveness of your ads: Identifying emotions in content.

Emotions present in content are a bridge between current contextual and behavioral targeting techniques not offered by other data providers. This understanding of the essence of content is used to attract and match the best possible ads to the page.

Delivering a good ad experience to each and every reader requires a superior and deep understanding of words and that’s why ADmantX is based on semantics. Download ADmantX Emotional Intelligence brochure or contact us to learn more.

/ / Key Features

  • Reach your target audience by combining the emotional aspect of ad and content
  • Capture the emotions content can elicit in readers to keep them engaged while more intelligently matching ads
  • Generate more revenue by identifying relevant associations and consumer trends
  • Improve your CTR by leveraging the semantic understanding of feelings and behaviors

/ / Capturing Insight from Big Data to Efficiently Target Campaigns

Audience targeting and contextual targeting can take care of the right consumer in the most appropriate context but you need “all other information” on the page to eliminate waste. That’s environmental targeting: to increase ad effectiveness, ADmantX captures market fluctuations, weather conditions, any buzz around a specific brand, company, etc. to avoid the disconnect between ad messages and their general environment.

Request a demo to learn how you can increase lift and reach performance leveraging environmental targeting.

/ / Key Features

  • Better matching between audience targeting and online ad messaging by combining contextual analytics with insight from Big Data present on the page
  • Creation and customization of specific segments based on all data that could influence readers’ receptiveness to online ad messages
  • Integration of these new environmental data streams into RTB process for a greater level of detail and targeting without invading consumer privacy

/ / Leveraging Contextual Data to Improve Inventory Selection

ADmantX SpotOn Contextual App for the AppNexus App Marketplace™ shows you the real-time, big data understanding of content across the AppNexus inventory to optimize your online ad campaigns performance.


Download our ADmantX SpotOn Contextual App brochure. Request a demo any time to learn more about our app.

/ / Key Features

  • The deepest analytical understanding of content on the market today
  • Highly targeted contextual segments to use in your online ad campaigns
  • 6 channels of data: 900 IAB categories, emotions, entities (e.g. people, places and things), safety, buyer intentions and custom matching criteria
  • Easy access within the AppNexus user interface
  • +40% more ad engagement and +200% more click value to increase the CPM you can charge by 400%

/ / Providing the Color and Composition to Audience Understanding

Publishers and advertisers are flooded with highly accountable data of online behavior. Since consumer behavior is ever-changing, knowing as much as possible about the pages they are visiting online is crucial to emotionally and cognitively connect with them at the highest level.

By capturing consumer interests from content they’re reading, ADmantX pre-defines specific audience profiles based on content affinities and semantic similarity to deliver more actionable targeting data to the core of every audience.

/ / Key Features

  • Leverage page-level semantic analysis to enhance the identification of detailed interests of a specific audience to be used in real-time
  • Combine semantic profiling data with other audience data to improve campaign ROI
  • Provide publishers with a unique first-party data set that can be monetized in different ways
  • Support advertisers and marketers to refine their customer related data
  • Help marketing and social media companies to enhance their audience profiles and consumers insight

Download ADmantX Semantic Audience Profiling brochure or request a demo any time to learn more about our products.

/ / Why ADmantX Is Different

Fewer and fewer people are engaged by online ads and brand safety is often at risk. The problem is that ad placement is at best based on keywords, yet ads are too often not related to the main topic of the adjacent article.

We offer a solution that automatically extracts the meaning in text—our X-factor: ADmantX leverages the power of semantic technology—20 years of development and proven deployment in the industry—to produce rich and unique data channels of information about any page.

Most data providers give you categories, ADmantX gives you more than just categories, supplying you with 4 channels of data instead of just keywords.



/ / Key Features

  • 900 IAB categories
  • Emotions
  • Entities (e.g. people, places, things)
  • Buyer intentions
  • Brand safety

Believe it-watch this video to see ADmantX read, understand and represent the deepest, most accurate contextualization on the market today.

  • ADmantX Strengthens LATAM Presence through Expanded Integration with Turn

    ADmantX, the next-generation contextual analysis and semantic data provider, and Turn, the digital hub for marketers, today announced an expanded integration to provide contextual data services for Turn customers on LATAM inventory in Portuguese and Spanish. This expansion will enable brands and agencies to make the most of their online ad investment in South America. […]

  • ADmantX Launches the NEW “Vertical Categories”

    The Richest Set of Categories designed for Vertical Sectors Optimizing Advertising Operations in Programmatic and RTB: Within a matter of seconds, agencies and brand marketers can start their campaigns by simply clicking on ADmantX’ vertical categories, organized by industry verticals, for the easiest and safest contextual targeting. ADmantX, the next-generation contextual analysis and semantic data […]

  • ADmantX and Zodiak Optimize “Custom Deals”

    By applying the semantic intelligence of ADmantX to content analysis, Zodiak improves the creation of “custom deals”, thus ensuring a more effective assessment of its customers’ advertising inventories

  • dmexco 2014

    ADmantX is exhibiting at dmexco, Cologne, September 10-11 2014. Visit us at Hall 6 Stand D-019

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Important News

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A couple of weeks ago our website was hacked and compromised for a few hours. Fortunately, we were able to act quickly and immediately secure and close any breaches in security. Currently there is a delay in Google clearing the status of our website and until then Chrome users will continue to receive a “phishing” […]

Mixing It Up to Reduce Bias

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Doug Knepper, ADmantX VP, U.S. In our last post we made the case that statistics is The Last Dark Art in Advertising. That you should not be fooled by the hyped promise of all-seeing, all-knowing Big Data without really understanding if and how uncertainty in your ad campaign is being reduced using ANY technique. In […]

Publishers Should Open Up For Good…

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@gstrocc, CEO There is never a dull moment in the ad tech space. New ideas, new vendors, new technology stacks, partnerships, & acquisitions are an everyday occurrence. Eric Picard of MediaMath posted an excellent blog a few days ago here. In it he correctly identifies the dynamics between buyers, publishers and third party data brokers […]

The Last Dark Art in Advertising

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Doug Knepper, ADmantX VP, U.S. It’s fashionable these days to claim Big Data expertise in advertising. In doing so, often enough, you are also claiming that statistics are dead and that data science has come in it’s place. Such claims come in many guises as it does in this Ad Exchanger piece about “getting right” […]

Forward Thinking Brands Own (or at least get access) to ALL the Data

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Doug Knepper, ADmantX VP, U.S. As Linda Yaccarino, NBCUniversal’s president of advertisting sales said during Ad Week, “Today, convergence is the new reality, Programmatic is here to stay. … Content, distribution and data are critical, but what’s even more critical is the need to bring them all together.” The watchword for 2015 is Programmatic. After […]

What Influences the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) More than Most

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Doug Knepper, ADmantX VP, U.S.It is gratifying when hard research or just plain old casual empiricism crops up to verify what we knew all along. Google has had an effort underway for the last few years entitled the Zero Moment of Truth or ZMOT. It represents a body or thought and research to understand what […]

Publishers Need Absolute Price Floors in Programmatic

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@gstrocc, CEOThere is never a dull moment in the ad tech space. New ideas, new vendors, new technology stacks, partnerships, & acquisitions are an everyday occurrence. Here is an excellent article in Ad Exchanger that pulls the curtain back a bit on Programmatic – which you might argue is the biggest thing to hit the […]

The Evidence for Contextual Just Keeps Rolling In

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Doug Knepper, ADmantX VP, U.S.   It is gratifying when hard research or just plain old casual empiricism crops up to verify what we knew all along. A little more than two years ago Yahoo put out a wonderful piece of research suggesting that behavioral targeting gave publishers and their advertisers about a 27% lift […]

Audience Signals are Everywhere

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Doug Knepper, ADmantX VP, U.S. Our goal as marketing, advertising and technology professionals is to understand our audience to the best of our ability. Many times this means looking far and wide for information about audiences, working diligently to acquire it, assemble it, analyze it and then deploy it in a way that pleases advertisers. […]

Fingerprinting for Cross-Device Identification

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Doug Knepper, ADmantX VP, U.S. 2015 is shaping up to be a year when cross-device identification comes into it’s own. Why is this important? Because most marketers are just now making programmatic branding a core competency where they can finally segment, activate and analyze consumer audiences in a reliable way at scale. But what they […]

Audience Profiling Is Not New – But Can Be Improved with 3 Bs

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Doug Knepper, ADmantX VP, U.S.   Understanding your audience is not new science. In various forms it has been done for as long as there have been crime, banks, or medicine. In more modern form, the popularity of the FBI profiler TV series “Criminal Minds” evokes deep science, experience and intuition to solve the crime. […]

Where is the Audience Voice in Ad Tech?

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Doug Knepper, ADmantX VP, U.S.At a Big Data conference last summer I sat puzzled when listening to a speech about collecting and processing expense spreadsheets. I wondered, “How is this Big Data practice?” It looked like more traditional Business Intelligence to me. There was no analysis, only reporting facts from a very small set of […]

Trends That Are Setting Your Future

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@gstrocc, CEO There is never a dull moment in the ad tech space. New ideas, new vendors, new technology stacks, partnerships, & acquisitions are an everyday occurrence. As one VP of Digital at a prominent publication recently said “My team spends at least 10 hours a week talking to vendors”. That was just to keep […]

A Modest Proposal to Beat Ad Fraud

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Doug Knepper, ADmantX VP, U.S.   Ad fraud is the practice of criminals who run sophisticated operations to bilk advertisers out of their money. Increasingly it is a big problem. Here is how it works; – Criminals set up bogus websites that consumers find and visit which infects their computers with a bot. – Criminals […]

The Power of Deduction and Induction in Ad Tech

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Doug Knepper, ADmantX VP, U.S.At a Big Data conference last summer I sat puzzled when listening to a speech about collecting and processing expense spreadsheets. I wondered, “How is this Big Data practice?”  It looked like more traditional Business Intelligence to me.  There was no analysis, only reporting facts from a very small set of data […]

The Chances of Knowing

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Doug Knepper, ADmantX VP, U.S. There are many targeting approaches in ad tech. Today we outline perhaps one of the most powerful and easy to use yet one of the least well understood approaches – Bayes Conditional Probabilities. This approach is everywhere in statistics and is fairly easy to understand. Here is the intuition.  Lets […]

The Monster That Swallowed The Web? Really?

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Doug Knepper, ADmantX VP, U.S. In The New York Times a couple of days ago there was an op-ed entitled “Fall of the Banner Ad: The Monster That Swallowed the Web”. You can find it here. The article tries to tell the story of how, 20 years ago, the banner ad was quickly created to […]

Ad Ops Quiz #1: What Do You Do About Lava?

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Doug Knepper, ADmantX VP, U.S. We thought it might be fun to give you a pop quiz. You know, the kind your high school teacher would throw down during first period on a Friday morning when all you could really think about was the upcoming party, football game or just hanging with your friends. But […]

Measuring Branded Content To Drive Ad Effectiveness

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Doug Knepper, ADmantX VP, U.S. Branded content is one of the digital marketers most powerful tools. Done right, it informs, delights AND provides brand exposure in a way almost no other tool can. But how do you know which combination of content themes & ideas is most effective? Often just banging ideas around the conference […]

Programmatic Moves Center Stage

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@fspaggiari 100,000 people have come and gone for the annual Ad Week in NYC. Through it all one theme kept coming to the fore – Programmatic. The idea is not new but how central it has become in just 1 years time certainly is.  At last years Ad Week only a few sessions were entitled […]

From Efficiency to Effectiveness

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Doug Knepper, ADmantX VP, U.S. You hear it sporadically in the ad space … “we’re building out own stack”, or “we’re going in-house”. No longer content to use outside platforms, third party data or traders, there seems to be an increasing trend for companies to build and maintain their own proprietary ad platforms. Why?. We […]

Natively – Earned, Owned & Paid

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@gstrocc, CEO Most media strategy is still driven by the, now somewhat old, paradigm of earned, owned and paid (EOP). Where Forrester Research describes each of these as below: Using this paradigm proved useful for a long time in planning and spending for maximum brand effect.  But technology, social media and native advertising has proven […]

The Un-Thought Known

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Doug Knepper, ADmantX VP, U.S. You might have caught the documentary this spring entitled “The Unknown Known”, which details the long history of former U. S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld as a philosopher – political operator. Rumsfeld became famous for his quadrangle description of uncertainty. There are knowns and unknowns. But it turns out […]

The Great Mixing Bowl of (Big) Ad Data

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Doug Knepper, ADmantX VP, U.S. Sales Big Data is often described by its attributes – volume, velocity, & veracity. This is certainly true of Ad data as well as one of the originators of the Big Data movement. But less often is it described by its source or by the value of some pre-analytic steps. […]

Ad Tech is Like Planet Hunting

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  Doug Knepper, ADmantX VP, U.S. Sales 20 years ago no one in astronomy thought detection of other planets was possible or if they even existed outside our solar system (mostly because as a scientist you cannot conclude something you cannot observe).   But along came better, more powerful telescopes of a wide variety. Then […]

Using Semantic Targeting to Drive Native Advertising

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By now we’ve all heard that native advertising is the new thing in town. The best definition of native advertising we’ve seen is this: “Paid ads that are so cohesive with the page content, assimilated into the design, and consistent with the platform behavior that the viewer simply feels that they belong.” We can’t but […]

The Race to the Bottom

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This recent article, by John Battelle, makes a strong case for (re)adding context to programmatic. We could not agree more. Separating context from the buying and selling of ad impressions creates a “race to the bottom” of ever-higher ad volumes but steeply declining prices along the way. In an attempt to keep revenue moving upwards […]

Why Contextual Data Should Be Part of American Express’s Programmatic Strategy

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American Express recently announced that it plans to shift 100% of its online ad budget to programmatic. Then, it asked vendors for feedback, requesting to demonstrate how they can become their programmatic buying solution. Regardless of programmatic ecosystem, there may be something they haven’t thought of yet: Contextual Semantic Targeting. Thanks to a deep content […]

Join us for our first annual Turn Live Summit

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@fspaggiari How are real-time data driven insights changing the way you operate your business? Join key industry leaders in a meaningful discussion as we look at how companies like yours are facing this topic. Here’s what’s in-store at this half-day session (May 8 2014): •         Get insights into the latest digital marketing trends from keynote […]

Thermostat Advertising?

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@scagliarini The recent news of the acquisition of Nest Labs by Google seems rather curious: what does a thermostat, even the smartest thermostat in the world, have to do with a search engine? Nest represents a real step toward the intelligent home: using what it learns about the needs and habits of those who live […]

Ad Technology Is About Performance

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@gstrocc I recently read an interesting piece dedicated to the use and utility of ad technology and the idea that brand marketers and advertisers should focus on performance. Based on our experience as semantic data providers for contextual advertising, I can say that, actually, advertisers already seem focused on performance, especially when it comes to […]

dmexco 2013

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@fspaggiari Following our successful ad:tech London exhibition, we’re currently exhibiting at dmexco (digital marketing exposition & conference), the leading European industry event at the forefront of the digital ecosystem. We welcome you to join us at our stand B-030a in Hall 6 to meet with the ADmantX Team for a live demo focusing on our solutions […]

ADmantX at ad:tech London DAY 2

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@fspaggiari You’ve seen it all — behavioral, contextual and cookie targeting – but why do the many ways of ad targeting continue to fall short? Starting from this question, Damon Francis, ADmantX EMEA Business Development Director, gave a speech this morning at ad:tech London focusing on semantic targeting. Damon explained how behavioral, contextual and cookie targeting […]

ADmantX at 2013 ad:tech London DAY 1

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@fspaggiari If you are a brand marketer, agency executive or media owner, you already know that ad:tech London is where the UK (EMEA in general) digital marketing and media community meet each year to source suppliers, network with the industry, benchmark their digital strategies and understand the latest trends and technologies. This year, the event […]

Lift Online Ad Targeting To The Next Level

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@fspaggiari Yesterday we announced a partnership with Adform, Europe’s leading advertising technology platform. We’re the first semantic contextual data provider integrated in Adform’s Demand Side Platform: buyers on Adform can now benefit from ADmantX semantic insights to boost campaign performance at scale and provide brand safety to advertisers. Since Adform has already received many questions […]

“… What Is Modern-Day Journalism? Getting You to Click!”

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  @BrookeAker You might have already read the superlative (and really fun) piece from “fake” CNN Managing Editor Meredith Artley on how digital publishing works today.   It’s well known how publishers are struggling financially and how they are desperately trying to look for innovative ways to monetize their sites effectively. And even if the Onion […]

Environmental Targeting

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@BrookeAker Reaching the right audience in relevant content when it matters is the key for advertisers. Semantic targeting and brand protection features can take care of the right consumer in the most appropriate context. But you may need more to reach out your customers at the right time. That’s why we’ve streamlined our Environmental Targeting […]

Creativity + Technology

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@fspaggiari Creativity and technology have often stood in contrast. But in digital marketing it’s time to put aside the idea that technology is against human creativity. It is not in opposition to creativity: in the online advertising world, the relationship between creativity and technology is stronger than ever. Just consider what happened at the Cannes […]

New Types of Cookies? No, thanks.

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 @BrookeAker Whether you’re a publisher, an advertiser or a contextual advertising provider–as we are at ADmantX–keeping up to date with tools and technology that come next is important. If you are involved in the online advertising ecosystem, you may have heard about a new technique for finding and reaching out customers online.   For example, […]

Is Facebook doing everything they can to avoid contextual tragedies?

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Several companies are facing a Twitter backlash after their ads appeared on Facebook alongside pages condoning extreme violence toward women. In fact, thousands of Twitter users called on Nissan, Dove and its parent company Unilever, etc. to pull their ads from Facebook.But apart from Facebook’s content policy (and the debate is particularly strong here), what’s […]

Europe Leads the Ad Tech Industry

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@DamonFrancisUK Together with nearly 500 industry leaders from some of the world’s most influential online advertising companies, yesterday we took part in AppNexus first-ever European Summit in London. Since we’ve been partner of the conference, we had the chance to discuss the latest in online advertising. During the opening presentation, AppNexus CEO Brian O’ Kelly […]

AppNexus App Marketplace™: Have You Already Tried ADmantX?

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 @BrookeAker   It’s not surprising that the AppNexus App Marketplace is continuing to expand with new apps released monthly. Display advertising has been impressively growing in volume and in complexity as well; as a result, it may be less easy to decide which technologies you should adopt to better focus your ad campaigns. If you […]

Why Cool?

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 @fspaggiari We’re really pleased to announce that we’ve been named “Cool Vendor” by leading industry analyst firm. Authored by Gartner Research analysts Chris Fletcher, Gene Alvarez, Praveen Sengar, Penny Gillespie, Regina Casonato and Andrew Frank, the report reviews five vendors that provide innovative offerings in digital marketing, social product, and digital and social e-commerce space. […]

Display LUMAscape

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@BrookeAker Even if the LUMAscape layout can’t give a complete explanation of the interactions within the ad industry, it is certainly one of the best references to illustrate the complexity of the display ad technology space. As contextual analysis and semantic data provider, we’re listed within “data aggregators”.   In our space of interactions—which range […]

A good reason to get out of the office today!

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@fspaggiari We’re currently exhibiting on the ad:tech London show floor in booth #209. If you have planned to attend today, we hope to see you there. We’re featuring demonstration of our semantic advertising Web service that allows publishers and advertisers to develop more effective online advertising campaigns. In particular, we could talk about a new […]

“If trade shows are like drinking from a fire hose, AWE is like drinking from a champagne glass.”

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@fspaggiari The world’s most innovative technology companies will demonstrate their newest offerings and engage with marketing leaders throughout the Advertising Week Experience (AWE) which will be housed at The Times Center and staged concurrently with Advertising Week IX in New York City October 1-5 2012. Advertising Week is the world’s premier annual gathering of marketing and […]

ADmantX Celebrates Two Years of Growth!

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@fspaggiari Last week we had our all-hands meeting, and the company team from the US, UK and Italy gathered to collectively celebrate two years of growth and talked about the direction of our work going forward. We are a small but fast-growing team of hard working, talented people that have achieved very good success: our […]

Incremental Benefits of a Natural Language Processing (NLP) Approach

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@BrookeAker Many current contextual ad targeting approaches claim to use semantics as their underlying processing approach. But there are many varieties in applied semantics. One such approach most commonly used is a keyword & statistics approach used by Autonomy. The second is a Natural Language Processing (NLP) approach used by ADmantX. This document does a […]

Revolutionaries Wanted: Thoughts from #DEF2012

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@scagliarini I am writing this post as my train pulls out of the Santa Lucia station in Venice, where I’ve had the pleasure of spending the past two days as part of the Digital Economy Forum (#DEF2012).  Sponsored by the US Embassy in Italy, the DEF organized a series of events, all geared toward a […]

It’s all semantics: cookie-less targeting and digital moneyball!

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@fspaggiari In response to our recent award, announced a couple of weeks ago at CeBit, we had the chance to speak with Otilia Otlacan, the founder and editor of AdOperationsOnline about how ADmantX is helping address some of the challenges facing display advertising today. One of the most important features of ADmantX is that we […]

ADmantX, Happy Birthday!

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@fspaggiari Today marks a special day for us. It is the one year anniversary of the first time our semantic advertising Web service was available to the public! We’d like to celebrate our first birthday by inviting you to access ADmantX directly and try our service here The webservice site allows you to explore […]

Let me say THANK YOU

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@scagliarini We know we’ve created  a  great semantic advertising Web service … but it’s always nice to  hear others say it, too Last Tuesday at the CeBIT, we were awarded the European Seal of e-Excellence in the Platinum category from EMF, the European network promoting excellence in the digital economy. This award confirms the importance […]

European Seal of e-Excellence 2012

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@fspaggiari This year, we’ve thrown our hat into the ring for the “European Seal of e-Excellence 2012”, which rewards ICT and Digital Media companies with an excellent track record in innovation marketing. Background on the ADmantX Semantic Advertising Display ServiceThe holy grail of matching ads to a page has been described as knowing “the right […]

Semantically Analyze any URL with ADmantX

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The other day we put some of our core semantic analysis capability on the front page of our website for all to see and enjoy. This post provides some guidance in using this new feature. Enter and you will see a box and a button provided. Please only use Chrome or Firefox browsers. Internet […]

A New IAB-based Taxonomy and an Improved Interface Takes Contextual Advertising a Step Further

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@BrookeAker When it comes to responding quickly to market shifts and user needs, ADmantX reacts quickly. We announced this morning two new features that allow us to offer more effective contextual advertising: our IAB-compliant taxonomy enriched with new categories, including emotions, according to IAB standards; and an enhanced user interface to plan, test and execute […]

Sufficient Knowledge, Effort and Insight

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@BrookeAker “It is one of the great marvels of life that, across languages, culture and history, it is possible, with sufficient knowledge, effort and insight, to truly understand the meanings of other peoples emotions and mental states”- Richard A. Shweder Yes it is a marvel.  Who of us hasn’t travel to another country, struggled with […]

The Value of Advertising Segmentation

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  @BrookeAker Economic theory holds that segmenting markets is always a good thing for firms to do and to use those segments for marketing, sales and advertising purposes.  I set out to find out if the theory holds in the digital ad world.  I wanted to know this since our technology – as lots of […]

AdWeb Disruption

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 @BrookeAker On Monday April 11 in San Francisco I will participate in a panel discussion at the AdWeb 3.0 conference entitled MONETIZATION DISCUSSION: DISRUPTIVE/ENABLING TECHNOLOGIES, SOLUTIONS, BUSINESS MODELS AND ROI. Some heavy hitters will be with me on the panel including Tony Katsur, General Manager at MediaMath, Dan Beltramo – CEO and Co-Founder at Vizu […]

Do-Not-Track Is Snowballing

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@BrookeAker The snowball started around the first of December last year. Here we are in April 2011 and like the laws of snowballing compound interest the do-not-track efforts of the FTC, browser companies and major publishers has doubled and doubled again in short order.   “The important thing is to find wet snow and a […]

3..2..1.. ADmantX is live!

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  @scagliarini After running a successful beta test for the last few months, today we will launch our page-level semantic data targeting web service .  I am not writing this post to explain what admantx is because you can just read our Public Release   I would like to focus more on the three most […]

More Than One Genome Project

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  @BrookeAker  If you have not tried Pandora here in North America give it a whirl here.  This fascinating app is based on the Music Genome project that began in 1999.  The idea is simple.  Music can be broken down into its most essential and common attributes – a music genome.  As the Wikipedia entry for […]

The Un-Thought Known

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 @BrookeAker BrandTrust CEO Daryl Travis coined this phrase- The Un-Known Thought – in a short talk I heard him give here.  He talks about the high percentage of our everyday activity that we do “automatically” without thinking.  We are, he says, creatures of patterns – looking only for anomalies to react to.  We need to […]

Creative Destruction

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 @BrookeAker Joseph Schumpeter, the 1940’s Austrian-American Economist, borrowed The opening up of new markets and the organizational development from the craft shop and factory to such concerns as US Steel illustrate the process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one … […]

A Holiday Recipe for Web Apps

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@BrookeAker Here we are at the holiday season. It has me thinking about recipes for baking, cooking or mixing. But technology has recipes too. Here is my favorite. In today’s web scale world, this recipe allows some magical things to happen. It’s a mantra of sorts that I first learned from a presentation by the […]

Creativity in Digital Ads – Chapter II

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  @BrookeAker  In my last post, I tried to establish the notion that brand advertisers were under-represented in the digital ad world since it is so technology and math driven and therefore mysterious and difficult to understand. In short, digital ad creation is not the same as print and TV ads, and for those who create […]

Change Is Good

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 @scagliarini I am fascinated by the changes that are happening in the publishing industry. I am fascinated because this once very stable industry had to go through one of the more disruptive changes since the industrial revolution, but I am also inspired by them because this abrupt change has opened many opportunities for entrepreneurs (technology […]

Creativity in Digital Ads – Chapter I

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 @BrookeAker Here are some amazing numbers to consider.  The click through rate (CTR) for digital ads is down 50% from 2007 to 2009.  In fact it was already a low 32% in 2007 according to a recent comScore report and dropped to 16% by 2009.  Now consider how total advertising dollars are spent. Across all forms of […]

Free Essay Writing Service

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How To Write Narrative Essay This does not mean bragging about yourself hopefully your resume and transcript will do that for you, but it does mean taking an honest look at your accomplishments and potentially highlighting a time you grew as a person through something you achieved. 7- How poverty forces people to commit suicide […]

The Importance of Being an Admanter

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 @antoniolinari Creating an online ad campaign is easy by now: you set up your ad server according to some parameters, like CTR, CPM, Impressions, etc, or using certain keywords to simulate targeted advertising, and here you go!!! Once you’ve created your ad, your banners will appear on a lot of pages, including pages without any […]

Online Advertising + Semantics = Huge Opportunity

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 J. Brooke Aker The Semantic Web Summit East wrapped up just a couple of days ago. It was a great mix of business oriented Semantic Web believers. We explored use cases and heard how companies are now moving from pilot to production in their use of semantic technology. On Wednesday, ADmantX announced itself to the world and made […]

Easy and Spot-on, Creative Online Advertising: 3 Reasons to Start a Semantic Technology Based Company

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 Luca Scagliarini After many months of hard work and planning, today we announced the private beta test of a new venture, ADmantX. ADmantX is a web-based service designed to enable more effective targeted advertising (see the official press release here). We think that the time is right for an online advertising solution based in semantic technology.  […]

Killing Off Remant Ads – Part III (finale)

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 J. Brooke Aker So here we are having worked our way through lots of Economic concepts of supply and demand, the shape of curves, changes in prices and quantity and so on, in the digital advertising world. To summarize, we learned the following: The supply of ads doesn’t really matter. Whatever is demanded by the end user […]

Killing Off Remnant Ads! – Part II

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 J. Brooke Aker In Part I of this series we established a couple of simple ideas about supply and demand for digital advertising. The first was that supply was infinite. This is true, since the number of ads served will equal the number of clicks on a web page (the demand). And because this could be any number […]

Killing Off Remnant Ads! – Part I

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 J. Brooke Aker Well sort of. Maybe not really. More like converting remnant ads to premium ads. There are those who don’t even like the distinction. Premium vs. remnant is so black and white. But a useful concept nonetheless.   I have heard it said that premium ads are really forward contracts. True enough. This means agencies are reserving first impression […]

Where can i buy an essay online

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Ged Writing Essay Topics Make sure that the topic which you choose features a good sense of irony or humor. They should get example essay from firms offering timely services and quality work. The first arguments states that; buy essay online services brings about production of half-baked graduates. The problem is on whether these lenders […]

How To Write A Compare And Contrast Essay Thesis – Senperfect

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How To Write An Conclusion For An Essay The highest-ranked B-school you can get into is one at which you are a borderline candidate, right. However, you don’t want your college admissions essay to be a self-analysis of your pain and suffering. Students who have poor essay writing skills feels embarrassed when assigned with some […]

/ / Innovation and Excellence for Semantic Targeting Data

ADmantX is a fast growing company focusing on today’s most compelling approach to contextual advertising: Semantic Targeting.


Leveraging a proven technology—based on 20 years of practice in semantics and Natural Language Processing, we provide publishers, ad networks and ad exchanges, advertisers and agencies with all the key features they need to improve their online ad campaigns:

  • Complete visibility of content (web pages, blogs, social networks) to increase monetization
  • Precise, real-time contextual analysis of web pages where channeling the right ad to the right consumer in the right frame of mind
  • Brand engagement leading to enhanced consumer engagement
  • Brand safety
  • Sentiment analysis to ensure that the underlying emotional response to the content matches the action desired by brands

Founded in Italy as a spin-off of the leading semantic company Expert System, ADmantX has offices in Europe and US.

To learn more, download ADmantX Company Profile.

/ / ADmantX Management Team

Giovanni Strocchi

Giovanni Strocchi

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO of ADmantX, Giovanni oversees the company’s strategic direction and culture.

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Stefano Spaggiari

Stefano Spaggiari


As President and Founder of ADmantX, Stefano leverages his extensive experience to support company's growth and expansion.

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Bruce Rudolph

Bruce Rudolph

Chief Development Officer

Bruce leads technical development for ADmantX products and technology.

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Marcello Pellacani

Marcello Pellacani

Product & Infrastructure Development Director

Marcello oversees ADmantX development activities and coordinates overall operations.

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Nick Welch

Nick Welch

Business Development Director, UK

Nick is responsible for developing business strategy and sales for ADmantX (UK).

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Doug Knepper

Doug Knepper

VP, U.S. Sales

In the U.S., Doug is responsible for overall sales results and customer management activities.

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/ / Welcome to Next-Generation of Contextual Advertising

Beyond traditional online advertising systems, we develop solutions with the potential to change the online advertising universe, leveraging Semantic Technology and Natural Language Processing.

We are looking for experienced technology professionals with an interest in cutting-edge technology, and offer a dynamic team-based environment of motivated individuals who enjoy challenging projects.

View open positions:

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US Sales Support Specialist

UK – Data Trading Manager

US – Sales Support Specialist

UK – Pre Sales Engineer

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